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Blockchain Academy Watch Webinar

What you get:
By enrolling to our newest Blockchain Academy, you will get an understanding of digital currencies, how and why they work and how to use them. Great video-on-demand (VOD) created by Mr.Scott Driscoll, a blockchain expert, also covers the technology behind the cryptocurrencies and how it can be utilized for much more. After completing our Blockchain Academy, you will receive a Certified Blockchain Graduate (CBCG) title and take home essential information on digital currencies and Blockchain. Finally, you will encounter quizzes to test your acquired knowledge and ability to use and manage a cryptocurrency.

Please note that although this is not a trading course, it will help you gain a great understanding of the Blockchain and assist you immensely if you are thinking of taking any investment decisions on cryptocurrencies.

What topics are covered?
The student will get to understand the background of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in overall, along with technical aspects of the core of cryptocurrencies – The Blockchain. They will learn about the risks involved with managing and using cryptocurrencies and take a deep dive into their essentials. After studying about the origin of digital currencies and what gives them value, they will also get to know various ways of how to acquire and store the digital money. To master the Blockchain Academy, the students will also be taught about the differences of various digital tokens and their purpose.

What's Included In Your Course:

Unlimited access to the material
Access to the Dashboard
Graduate Certificate


1st week free, then $49.99 per month
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